Shivaay (Ajay Devgan) is a mountaineer in the Himalayas where he meets a tourist, falls in love with her and fathers a child, Goura (Abigail Eames). When Goura insists on meeting her mother, Shivaay takes her to Bulgaria. There she is kidnapped by the child trafficking gang and Shivaay is left helpless as the Bulgarian police frame him of being child trafficker.


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Shivaay is following the car that has kidnapped Goura. He is running crazily on Bulgarian streets. The case follows on the street from where we can see the famous Alexander Nevsky  ...
Whenever Shivaay had some thinking to do, he would usually go to the Prohodna Cave, which had the Eyes of God
Shivaay brings the injured Olga to his house which is one of the properties of Rokeby Manor in Landour
Olga knits a sweater for Shivaay while sitting on the steps of the Kellogg's Memorial Church in Landour main bazaar area
"Raatein" song starts as a cute Goura and Shivaay are seen outside their house which is the Rokeby Manor in Landour
"Raatein" song continues at Shivaay's shop in the Char Dukan area in the main bazaar of Landour. Goura much like her mother, handles customers in the shop while Shivaay relaxes
The "Bolo Har Har Har" song was shot under extreme cold temperature conditions at Vihren Peak in Bulgaria. There was heavy snowfall the night before and the temperatures unusually  ...
"Bolo Har Har Har" song at the snow-clad Bansko Slopes, Bulgaria
While Shivaay and Olga are suspended in a tent between the glacial mountains of Bansko slopes, the Darkhaast song begins their romance
When Gaura gets kidnapped, Shivaay chases the car, dodging the traffic opposite the building of the National Assembly of Bulgaria in Sophia city
"Tere Naal Ishqa" song at the Roman Amphitheatre in Bulgaria. Here Shivaay asks to meet Anu.
"Tere Naal Ishqa" song at the statue of Alyosha, Bulgaria
Shivaay escapes from the police at the Krichim Dam, Bulgaria