A conscientious college student, Manya (John Abraham) is wrongly accused of murder. Post his jail break, he attempts to take over the Mumbai mafia as the first Hindu mafia leader. The movie tracks the rise and fall of this dreaded gangster who rules the Mumbai underworld.


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When Manya learns that Ranjeet was the reason he and his brother were jailed and subsequently his brother was murdered, he shoots Ranjeet point blank at Bhaucha Dhakka, Mumbai
When Mastan brothers place a bomb in ACP Afaaque's lunch box, Afaaque manages to save his son, but returns to give Mastan the beating of his life at the Dhobi Ghat in Mumbai
Fresh out of prison Manya Surve goes to meet the Haskar brothers at their den, Dharavi in Mumbai, to see if he could join their gang
When the Mastan brothers rape and kill, ACP Afaaque is out on a hunt at their den in Dharavi in Mumbai
Manya training for physical combat in Yerawada Jail, Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Manya and his gang strategize their game plan on top of a small hillock. The view of Mumbai they see is actually the view of Sanpada in Navi Mumbai