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When Jagga and Shruti land in a foreign land to search for Jaggas father, the beautiful city is being explored by them for which some parts have been shot in Belleville town, South Africa.
This beautiful backdrop scene was set in Sandstone Estates when Jagga and Shruti try to hunt for the mastermind arms dealer Bashir Alexander on the circus train at Sandstone Estates, Ficksburg, South ...
This soulful number is sung when Jagga remembers his carefree time spent with his father as a kid. It reminds him of his home where he relives his childhood memories. Part of this has been shot at St ...
This comically choreographed song is shot when Jagga is smitten by the captivating look of Shruti and confesses his love for her at this hostel. Shot at Elphinstone Technical Institute, Fort, Mumbai.
Jagga and Shruti running away from some local goons in midst of earning money for their adventure travel to serach for Jagga's father at Essaouira´s-Citadel, Marrakesh-Safi, Morocco


This is the first love song where Shiv and Saira express their love for each other. The song tours the city of Budapest through its places of interest. This part of the song has been shot at Heroes S ...
The song has Jagga and Shruti dancing with poker faces to collect money for their travels. The song sees both of them acing their robotic act as they dance on the streets of Morocco to earn money.


Shiv tries to interrupt between Saira and Manav trying to prove that both of them have some common feelings between them at the Callas Café Restaurant
"Jao Simran Jao" where her father lets Simran go away with Raj. This iconic scene is shot at Apta Railway Station in Raigad district in the outskirts of Mumbai
Samir, Karan and Vicky meet at the Apta Railway Station in Mumbai, while on their way to the Gurukul institution in London
Shankar and Alvarez run for their lives when the mountain erupts fire and ash. It is assumed that this mountain was modelled after the Ol Doinyo Lengai mountain in Tanzania, Africa
Chander Pahar or Mountain of the Moon is the enchanting and spectacular Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa
When the gambler gives Shankar and Alvarez an accurate map of Africa, they enter the Rhodesian kingdom after crossing the mighty Victoria Falls in Zambia across a hanging bridge
Shankar and Diego Alvarez float their trawler through Congo River and then they walked through the nearby jungles to enter Rhodesia Kingdom, all in the pursuit of the diamonds
Shankar in deep thought about his life while seated in one of the most stunning landscapes in Africa, the Nakuru Rift Valley in Kenya