Raj, Yogi and Vikram — best friends, business partners, serial womanizers and happily married! Happy, because their lovely wives have no clue that their husbands cheat on them with every pretty young thing they can lay their eyes on. This picture perfect world is rocked when Raj’s wife Sanjana (Sonam) begins to suspect her husband and hires the suave private detective, Kishan (Akshay Kumar), to tail him.


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Virgin Yacht Company is owned by the 3 friends Vikram, Raj and Yogi. Vancouver Rowing Club, one of Vancouver's historic landmarks is shown as the Virgin Yacht Company.
This is Kishen's introductory scene, where a bunch of men are chasing the almost-naked Kishen through the streets of Toronto and into the St. Lawrence Market in Canada.
Yogi goes to meet Sanjana who is strolling through the Stanley Park in Toronto, Canada. The totem poles which are a highlight in the park are seen in the background.
Yogi complaining to Kishen while both of them are aboard a boat which is sailing towards the Toronto Waterfront in Canada. In the picture, the King's Landing building is clearly se ...

Shot At

Canada > Ontario
The beautiful silhoutte is that of Sanjana's and Kishen's when she tries to commit suicide at the Horseshoe Falls in Toronto, Canada. This is a part of the Niagara Falls. The rainb ...
Yogi caught by his wife and his girlfriend at the Humber Bay Arch Bridge in Toronto in Canada.
Kishen jumps from the terrace of Radisson Hotel on the Toronto Waterfront, using a yellow umbrella, when he is chased by a bunch of men wanting to beat him up.
The "Full Volume" song on the Star Virgo ship of the Star Cruises family. Here Kishen and Sanjana pretend to be lovers while Raj and his friends try to track down who Sanjana is da ...
Raj, Vikram and Yogi hire Kishen to find out who Sanjana is having an affair with. They sit in discussion in the English Bay Park in Vancouver, with the Inukshuk behind them.
"Pyaar Mein" song featuring an obviously repentant Raj pining for his wife Sanjana, while Kishen happily enjoys the game that he is playing. The song is picturised at various locat ...
The final confrontation between all the 3 couples happen at the Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto, Canada
The 3 friends planning discussing about Sanjana's extra marital affair at Science World in Vancouver, while Kishen and Sanjana bike in the background.