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"Hawa Hawa" song at Sychrov Castle, Liberec, Czech



Sychrov Castle can be found near the village Sychrov in the Liberec Region of the Czech Republic. It is unique example of Neo-Gothic castle from second half of 19th century. In the place of Sychrov a small Baroque castle was erected in 17.century. During of next two centuries the ownership of the Castle turned to several noble families. In 1820 Sychrov was bought by the family of Rohan, French aristocrats exiled by the French Revolution. The castle boasts a collection of around 250 portraits of the Rohans, related families, and French kings. It is the largest collection of French portrait paintings in Central Europe. The owner paid specific attention to the Castle Park, designed in the English style.

How to Get There

Sychrov Castle is situated approximately 70 km north of Prague.It takes and hour an so to get there.


  • A walk in the Park

    A large park surrounds the castle.

  • Castle Cafe

    There is a pleasant restaurant just opposite the Castle where you can taste traditional Czech dishes. And a Czech beer, of course.

  • The Sychrov Interior

    This tour offers an exclusive collection of valuable original furnishings. You can also enjoy the Rohans collections of ceramics, Murrano glass, porcelain and woodcarvings. Notable is the collection of French portrait paintings, consisting of more than 200 portraits of the Rohans, their related families and French kings. You walk trough bedrooms and representative halls, admire private chapels and elaborate staircases, probably curious to know who the King Apartment was waiting for...

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