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Inside View - Netflix's Israeli Show FAUDA - Talk with Line Producer and Location Manager

Shimrit Yekutieli (Line Producer) and Amir Galperin (Location Manager) from the Fauda team take us through the adventure that they had while working on this hit Netflix Web Series from Israel - "FAUDA"




  • For Fauda, the Locations team of Shimrit, Amir and Muhammad had to choose a few Israeli towns that they could show as Palestine. However, these locations were among the trickiest ever to find, for the reasons:
    • The geography has small Israeli villages and towns deeply embedded in Palestinian land.
    • Ongoing political conflict between Israel and Palestine
    • Israel was making a web-series about stories of that conflict

They finally chose Kafr Qasim after they faced resistance in other towns. Kafr Qasim has a mix of Arab and Jew populations. 

  • Gaza – Season 3’s storyline was extensively based on Gaza. Of course the team couldn’t shoot in Gaza, but had to find a city similar to Gaza. Unfortunately as the Line Producer puts it “There is no other place on earth like Gaza, except Gaza itself”. So the production and art team planned and set up an elaborate and painstaking set in Tze'elim, the Urban Warfare Army Camp and recreated Gaza in there.
  • At different locations, this series proved the bonhomie between the local Arabs and the Israeli crew – all working together – be it logistics or creative inputs.
  • The guys leading the team Lior Raz, Avi Issacharoff, Rotem Shamir and Assaf Bernstein ensured that there was a sense of camaraderie and purpose of creating something unique and world-class amongst every single person in the crew.

Go on... and listen to Fauda’s Line Producer Shimrit and Location Manager Amir as they walk us through more of their experiences and the myriad issues they and the hardworking crew of Fauda overcame together.

Interview Video here : 

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