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Phoenixes of the World - Dr. Arokiaswamy Velumani

MUMBAI - An inspiring evening with Arokiaswamy Velumani - the Multi-millionaire founder of Thyocare. How a landless farmer's son in Coimbatore creates a 3300 Cr Empire!

We, at Filmapia, had the immeasurable privilege of spending an evening with Dr. Arokiaswamy Velumani - the Multi-millionaire founder of Thyrocare, who was born into acute poverty, but now is the Emperor of a 3300 + Cr business empire

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His story of the meteoric rise from nothing to the pinnacle took him 20+ years of grueling hard work.  Listening to his story of success is peppered with humorous anecdotes, each of which carried such profound importance. 

What we especially liked is the ideology of the man - his unique beliefs and the gall to stand up to them! 


Here are some powerful one-liners from the man himself, told to us at Filmapia, especially when he was advising us how to set up and run our business. 

  • The power of a man is his ability to reset the button
  • If you do what you have studied, you will survive. If you don't do what you have studied, you will be the leader
  • Comfort zones are danger zones. If you don't disrupt the comfort zone, there cannot be any stories
  • You can either discuss or decide
  • There is nothing on earth called a good or bad decision. Is a decision, Make it good
  • Quality, Cost, Speed - IMPORTANT. The main things that differentiate you from others.
  • Expectations are the only reason for frustrations
  • Every challenge was my most enjoyable opportunity
  • Focus gives success, frugality is power, romance with risk
  • Life has two innings; before 35 and after 35
  • Luxury in life is working when I don't need to work
  • Burn calories, not salaries
  • I am an Emperor because I have a clutter-free head, clear heart, EMI-free life
  • Frugality and Focus have always been my watch-words
  • Employ adequate, engage full - you will be prosperous


  • "I am 59, Warren Buffet is 89. I have the potential for 5 more zeros. I add one zero every 6 years to my balance sheet"