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Phoenixes of the World - Dr. Kalpana Saroj

MUMBAI - An afternoon with Kalpana Saroj - the Multi-millionaire businesswoman who scaled the peaks of the impossible to build a $ 112 M business empire. How a Dalit woman who lived on the roads of Mumbai, now has two roads named after her in Mumbai!

We, at Filmapia, had the immeasurable honour of spending an afternoon with Dr. Kalpana Saroj listening to her unbelievable journey - the Multi-millionaire owner of Kamani Tubes, who was born into acute poverty, but now runs a $ 112 M business empire.


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Pic by Deccan Chronicle


Soft-spoken and gentle, what we especially liked about Kalpana Saroj is the grit and selflessness of the lady.


Look at these startling contrasts that mark her achievements:

  • from living on the roads in Mumbai to now having two roads named after her company in Mumbai!
  • from adopting a dying company - Kamani Tubes, to making it a profitable business venture and exporter to West Asia and being called 'Maa Bhavani' by the workers there!
  • from being given a 'supari' (contract killers) by the land mafia as she bought disputed land which marked her entry into real estate, to becoming a successful real estate business magnate!
  • from a life of ignominy to being awarded the Padma Shri (one of the highest civilian awards by the Indian Government)!
  • from seeing death up close to being christened The 'Daughter of the Buddha', by a Buddhist monk in Thailand!
  • from being a nobody to now having Lionsgate Films approach her for a biopic and a biopic already being filmed about her in India!
  • from living in acute poverty with no home to speak of, to providing homes for thousands!
  • from acute domestic abuse by her husband and his family when she was a child bride to working for the equality and safety of women, with various initiatives
  • from studying only till the 9th standard to now setting up educational facilities for the underprivileged in India!
  • from losing her sister to ill-health, not being able to afford treatment to setting up health facilities for the poor!
  • from an innocent Dalit girl in a remote village in India to a globe-trotting Businesswoman!

....many more.


Her ascent was a propelled by genuine concern for her community which was suffering. Her growth was punctuated with long arduous deliberations with the government policies and court proceedings for many years. But in the process, she created credibility and trust with her people and the government. 


Her words to Filmapia - She says that it is only blessings and goodwill of people that have made her what she is now.


As true as that would be, we at Filmapia think that Kalpana Saroj is herself an inspirational blessing to thousands of people who have come into her presence.



Some links to her success story -