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Research for World Economic Forum

From Filmapia we undertook a huge research project for World Economic Forum, about the Waste Management scenario in Bangalore. In film language, it's been a 3-month #Recce!

From Filmapia we undertook a huge research project for #WorldEconomicForum, about the #WasteManagement scenario in #Bangalore, the humungous environmental challenges it poses and the work yet to be done. In film language, it's been a 3-month #Recce!

Here are some things we did:

  • - Tour slums in Bangalore, talk to the residents, slum boards, and related bodies about the waste management practices there
  • - Understand the zero-segregation attitudes of the people. Checking the composition of the garbage too!
  • - Chase garbage collection vehicles to understand their mechanism in good and poor-performing resident colonies
  • - Identify black spots in Bangalore, talk to residents, rag pickers and their associations in the vicinity
  • - Getting into large sewage drains that run across Bangalore
  • - Learning about the large machines and technology that have been invented to try to solve the garbage menace
  • - Travel to dump yards. Have a jolly ride in a smelly garbage truck too. Talk to truck drivers, garbage contractors...
  • - Look at the plastic recycling situation and options in Bangalore
  • - Looking at effective organic waste composting units and the usage of the end product in agricultural fields
  • - Travel to tiny villages where small systems of garbage disposal are working. Talk to the Panchayats and ward officers there
  • - Visit Anganwadis and NGOs which benefit from plastic recycling products
  • - Scour the internet for the right data on domestic waste production and processing capacities in India and Bangalore.
  • - Talk to eminent professors and subject matter experts in the field for accurate data and its applications
  • - Beading it all together into one deadly script

WEF is are we. Despite soiled hands