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TUMBBAD Locations Inside View

Interview with Vijay Devkar, the Location Manager of Hindi Feature Film, Tumbbad > FilmapiaCrewTalks

Location hunting went on for 6 years, and from the start to end, the making of this film went on for 12 years!

As Cinema, Tumbbad stands out for its exquisite visual drama, dark mood, and haunting background score.



         But Tumbbad also scores great on the locations  used in the movie as well! From ancient looking       "wadas" to a remote hut in the middle of nowhere. The location scouting for this was no cakewalk,     especially for the Location Manager Vijay Devkar.


      We speak to Vijay Devkar who made the locations possible - from scouting to making tricky and   tough arrangements to ensure the shoot continues!


  Interview Video here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufMjoMUozMw 


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