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What we Like about Filming at Public Locations in Dubai

Filmapia shot at several high-profile public locations in Dubai last week and was astonished at how organized film shootings there are, as against how chaotic they are in India. Here are a few thoughts:

What we like about Filming at Public Locations in Dubai:
Zero Corruption, Zero Tolerance!

1. Absolute Adherence to Rules for Getting Shooting Permissions - There is a process drawn out for every type of shooting permission along with a rate card and a time frame. This is the same for everyone from a big production house, an influential Line Producer to a short film freelancer. No dubious pieces of permission papers, no guerilla shoots, no influence, no negotiations on costs, no bribes!

2. The Police Mean Serious Business - Cannot give them a few hundreds for their 'chai paani' and tell them to conveniently turn their backs while you break rules and take liberties during shooting. You will be fined heavily, thrown out of the country or jailed! 

3. Sticking To Contracts - All shootings have to be planned properly and put under contractual terms before the shoot begins. Deviations have heavy penalties. Therefore it becomes imperative that your shooting activity is PLANNED properly.

A lot that we in India can learn and adopt