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What we Like about Filming at Public Locations in Shanghai

Filmapia was at several high-profile public locations in Shanghai last week and we were astonished at how different film shootings there are. Here are a few observations:

What we like about Filming at Public Locations in Shanghai:


1. Small Shoot Setup: You dont need government permissions to shoot in public places including famous Landmarks in the city, if you have a small shoot setup like DSLR cameras, tripods, a couple of lights with a small crew. This is such a boon to short filmmakers, documentaries etc! 
However, if you try stretching it too far, you will be at the mercy of the Shanghai Police and that is not a good thing!


2. Spectators: Crowds do not collect when you are filming at Public Locations. Curious onlookers might click a picture or two, but they quickly move away. People generally mind their own business and are very uninterfering in Shanghai. No one hangs around a film shoot to "watch". This reaction ofcourse may not be true if there is a celebrity shooting there, but even if there was, it would definitely be more watered down than in other countries. 


3. No Tips/Convenience Fees: If you ask anyone for help (including the Police) during filming, they will cooperate with a smile. Dont try offering money as a tip or a gesture of gratitude, they feel offended! This is such an astonishing practice we saw across Shanghai, people just dont accept tips or convenience fees. Almost unreal, for us from India.

A lot that we in India can learn and adopt