A Facebook Film - Digital Video

A Facebook Film - Digital Video

BANGALORE - Filmapia Locations and Line Production for the great outdoors and the sleek indoors of Bangalore for a film by Facebook

  • Production Agency - Scatter Productions, Delhi
  • December 2019
  • Location - Bangalore, Karnataka


For this Shoot: Research, Locations and Line Production (Fixing)

Filmapia organized the Locations and Line Production for 2 days for this shooting for Facebook at Bangalore.

  • Recce visits to various offices for filming Facebook interviews. 
  • Location scouting to important landmarks and areas of Bangalore for B-roll shoot planning
  • Sourcing the right location permissions from the authorities and the police
  • Crowd management of the people during shoots

This was a shoot that kept missing timelines due to poor weather and terrible traffic! Also manoeuvering the shoot around was difficult with 2 huge Alexas in tow! But it all worked in the end. Some excellent footage of Bangalore was what went back with the team from Delhi.