A Short Film - Jyothirmegha Studios

A Short Film - Jyothirmegha Studios

BANGALORE - A Short Film shoot by JyothirmeghaStudios in this unique, white-themed, classy apartment in Bangalore - an exclusive Filmapia location for small crews only!

  • A Short Film - Jyothirmegha Studios
  • Client - Jyothirmegha Studios
  • Bangalore, January 2020


For this Shoot: Location Management

  • Filmapia organized the location for this short film. This was an especially tricky feat because many properties did not want the shooting of this story on their premises, due to its controversial nature.
  • After several properties and recces later, we found this beautiful white apartment for the Director. He said that he was 200% satisfied with the location and the output of the filming
  • Followed by a small sequence is a middle-class office

Phew!! :)