A Total Environment Film - Corporate Video

A Total Environment Film - Corporate Video

CHENNAI AND BANGALORE - REMOTE PRODUCTION - A one-day shoot at a Total Environment Residential Property, with the Director in Chennai and the shooting team in Bangalore.

  • Director - Arun Janarthanan, Chennai
  • Agency - Total Environment
  • June 2020
  • Location - Bangalore

Filmapia's #RemoteProduction between #Bangalore and #Chennai at a Total Environment Real Estate project.

The Director seated in #Chennai oversees the team executing the shoot on location in #Bangalore. Monitoring footage captured every couple of hours via video calls between Chennai and Bangalore

  • Director in Chennai
  • An excellent DoP/Cinematographer with a BlackMagic 4K in Bangalore
  • A versatile Drone guy with a Dji Mavic 2 Pro in Bangalore
  • Line Production across Chennai and Bangalore


For this Shoot: Line Production (Fixing)

Filmapia organized the Production Support for this 1-day shoot at a Total Environment Residential Property in Bangalore

  • Arranging profiles of DoPs and Drone operators, with the right kind of showreel
  • Coordinating with the Agency and Director who were stationed in Chennai
  • Recce visits to the property with coordination between the location owners and the film crew
  • Production support on the ground
  • Enabling Remote Production between the team on the ground in Bangalore and the Director in Chennai
  • Bangalore Landmarks shots