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Boudoir Photography

BANGALORE - Boudoir Photography at an Exclusive Location!

For this Shoot: Location Scouting and Management

  1. Filmapia sourced this opulent location from its database ( according to the Director's brief. The Director wanted a bedroom and a bathroom for a lingerie shoot with international models! This proved to be more difficult than expected. Property owners did not want to host this shooting in their homes, despite telling them that these are international brands and the shoot will be done aesthically. Finally this location offered us one of the biggest bedrooms with a walk-in wardrobe and a large bathroom for this shoot. Two days of shooting with international models. Kudos to the progressive outlook of the location owner!
  2. Link to the Property -
  3. Arranged Permissions and Contracts
  4. Location Management including On-the-Ground Support
  5. Smooth Liaisoning between the location owner and the film crew