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Channel News Asia: "Field Guide to Innovation - EP2"​ - TV Show

BANGALORE, TUMKUR, DAVANGERE - Filmapia's second international project in Line Production. "A Field Guide to Innovation" - a video shot for Channel News Asia via People Factor Studios in Singapore.



For this Shoot: Research, Line Production (Fixing), Local Coordination and Translation

  1. In this medical-research documentary for a Channel News Asia TV show, a renowned doctor from Bangalore, who was well-known for his medical innovations was featured. Filmapia had to arrange for a week-long shooting at all facilities where he worked and did his social work.  
  2. The crew was from Singapore so the entire local shoot arrangement was from Filmapia
  3. Our trusted local fixer arranged for all logistics including transportation, accommodation, permissions in hospitals, clinics, labs, travel outside cities,
  4. Researched similar facilities which are more shooting friendly
  5. Cross-country contract management
  6. Smooth Liaisoning between the client and the entire gamut of people within the shooting circles in Bangalore, Tumkur and Davangere
  7. Talking to villagers who were part of the doctor's social work and helping them cooperate for the shooting and interviews
  8. Assisting B-roll filming of the 3 cities