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"Children of Tomorrow" - English Feature Film

BANGALORE - Filmapia's first Feature Film as a Location Manager. Here Filmapia gave locations on a ZERO-BUDGET for this movie in Bangalore. The story is the journey from child labour to adoption, through the eyes of a child. Director - J. Narendra Kumar


All location owners gave their locations for free for this movie!

The locations were a modern, posh apartment by a reputed builder in Bangalore, a famous school, a Chinese restaurant and a clinic. The location owners believed in the theme of adoption and the eradication of child labour, that they did their bit in contributing to the cause. The builder gave his apartment for free for 2 weeks of shooting. The school gave its premises for 3 months of shooting, the restaurant and the clinic for a day each. 

Filmapia and Symphony Productions will always be grateful to these location owners for this gesture.