"Chris Gayle for Skope" - Advertisement

"Chris Gayle for Skope" - Advertisement

INDORE - A Filmapia location in Indore, Madhya Pradesh....a ChrisGayle Ad for SKOPE

12 hours to finalize a location for a cricket celebrity like Chris Gayle and a 100-member crew, along very specific details and in an unlikely city too! Quite an adrenaline-filled shoot, from the location scouting to the signing off.


For this Shoot: Location Scouting and Management

Filmapia was approached by the makers of this video in the very last minute. The celebrity cricketer and a 100 member crew were already in Indore, without a finalized location. What followed was 8 hours of frenzied work by the Filmapia team. 

  • Location scouting and giving multiple options within 8 hours. 
  • Arranging Recce visits, and the final shoot the very next day
  • Arrangement of all finances, contracts and leverages for a celebrity shoot in a small town.
  • Arranging logistics, food and shooting support within the scope of the location.