"ExxonMobil" - Corporate Video

"ExxonMobil" - Corporate Video

COIMBATORE - Filmapia provides the trickiest location of them all....the Steel Factory! And in Coimbatore too, after scouting all steel factories in South India

  • ExxonMobil Corporate Video - Location Manager
  • Production Agency - Fatfree Productions 
  • March 2019
  • Location - Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  • TV Version and Behind the Scenes - 
  • Video - 

A crew of 40 people from Bangalore, travelled to Coimbatore at the burning heat of 40 deg temperature. As if that was not enough, the heat of the furnace was more than 1000 degrees inside the steel factory. It was a dangerous shoot indeed.....and extremely hot!

But see the jubilant smiles of the crew after that shoot!



A Jubilant Crew after the tough shoot!