"Fastrack" - TV Commercial

"Fastrack" - TV Commercial

BANGALORE - An idyllic fishing lake on the outskirts of Bangalore for this TVC for the #StartAnywhere Campaign

  • "Fastrack" -  TV Commercial, Location Manager
  • Client - Aureate Productions
  • Bangalore, February, 2021
  • Link to the Video  - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7j6nIglsvtw&list=RDCMUCOW_xK9_MIY_QklWamWmmTw 

For this Shoot: Research and Locations

Filmapia scouted a lake this lake after multiple lakes were given to the client for their feasibility. 

  • Recce visits to multiple lake locations and discussions with the owners 
  • Coordination with the owners, filmmakers and the Art team for the feasibility of building a ramp
  • Safety - Ensuring adequate safety measures as the models were going to jump from the ramp into the water. Kept 2 lifeguards and expert swimmers hiding under the bridge and swim into the water to the aid of the models incase any of them need support as they jump into the water
  • Environment - Ensuring that the Lake Ecosystem does not get hampered due to the ramp building since fish is bred in that lake. Care was taken to see that the material used for the bridge was eco-friendly