'Framing the World' - International Photo Documentary - Dubai, Abu Dhabi

'Framing the World' - International Photo Documentary - Dubai, Abu Dhabi

DUBAI, ABU DHABI - Filmapia's Line Production and Fixing for an International Photo Documentary in all the glamorous and glitzy places in Dubai and Abu Dhabi


A week-long shoot for an International Photo-Documentary featuring the #MoversAndShakers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi against the backdrop of the exclusive, glitzy and glamorous locations in two of these stunning cities.

....Dubai Marina, Dubai Downtown, Meydan, Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue, Dubai Frame, Gold Souk, Emirates Hills, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Emirates Palace Hotel, Fazza Championship featuring the Falcon Race....and more


For this Shoot: Research, Locations and Line Production (Fixing)

Filmapia organised the entire Line Production for this shooting at Dubai and Abu Dhabi which comprised of the following elements

  • Acute Research over 2 months to find the right rich and famous people according to the theme of the documentary. 
  • Liaising with each profile over weeks, meeting them to discuss the project and understanding perspectives.
  • Making appointments for the final interview and photography sessions
  • Acting as translators during the photography and interview sessions
  • Recce of all places in Mumbai to depict demography of the rich side of Dubai. Showing the glitz and glamour of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, in terms of places where rich people hang out, their lifestyles, cars etc
  • Production support for the international crew
  • Accommodation for the crew
  • Organising all transport for the week
  • Food arrangements