"Gahem Fe El Hend"​ - Egyptian Feature Film

"Gahem Fe El Hend"​ - Egyptian Feature Film

MUMBAI - Filmapia's first international project as Location Enablers. "Gahem Fe El Hend" - an Egyptian movie shot almost entirely in Mumbai, by New Century Productions

For this Shoot: Research, Locations and Line Production (Fixing)

Filmapia organised the entire Line Production for Egyptian production house at Mumbai, through its trusted Line Producer. Two months of planning and shooting.

  • Planning visit of the Line Producer to Dubai to meet with the creative team and planning
  • Recce visit of the Egyptian team to Mumbai.
  • All permissions of the Egyptian cast and crew, including visas and carnet
  • Police, Municipality, various Administrative bodies permissions
  • Cars, Weapons, Costumes, Props hire 
  • Equipment rental
  • Casting according to the script, including about 100 junior artists
  • A  lot of prominent locations in Mumbai, since they wanted to represent India. Locations from a small slum to a large palace, studios, sets, real time locations, etc 
  • Transport, Accommodation, Food for the entire film unit
  • Crowd management of the villagers in the nights

This was a humongous operation, considering that the Egyptian team did not know Hindi or English too. A month-long schedule of a such a high-budget movie caused Filmapia and its Line Producer some steep learning curves in some avenues, and satisfactory sighs in some.  

Unfortunately the movie wasnt released in India but in the Middle-east only. Take a look at the trailer (link above). It ran successfully there. Alls well that ends well!