"Jockey Woman Portraits" by MTV - TV Show

"Jockey Woman Portraits" by MTV - TV Show

RAMANAGARAM , BANGALORE- Filmapia Locations and Line Production for MTV India's first episode of #JockeyWomanPortraits, featuring @Ankita Kumar (MonkeyInc)

Here's a pretty picture wafting out of the rocks of Gabbar's Land Ramanagaram!

Filmapia Locations and Line Production for MTV India's first episode of #JockeyWomanPortraits, featuring @Ankita Kumar (MonkeyInc)


For this Shoot: Research, Locations and Line Production (Fixing)

Filmapia organised the entire Line Production for this shooting at Ramanagaram (40 km from Bangalore) which comprised of the following elements

  • Location scouting according to the client's brief
  • Recce visits across Ramanagaram to various locations in the region, interacting with villagers, panchayats, private and public locations. 
  • Permissions from the local authorities in Ramanagaram 
  • Police permissions, Panchayat permissions
  • Light, Grips, Sound equipment hire from Bangalore
  • Props sourcing and creation
  • Makeup and Hair stylists from Bangalore
  • Production support for the featured artist from Bangalore
  • Caravan hire from Bangalore
  • Accommodation for the crew
  • Organising all transport from Bangalore airport to Bangalore airport
  • Food arrangements on the shooting site 
  • Crowd management of the villagers during shoots
  • Production support across various locations spanning a 20 km radius of villages

This was an adrenaline-filled shoot, especially since the entire shooting for 2 days was done in a spate of urgency. Thankfully it was a super successful one!