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"KIA Sonet" - Corporate Film for Car Launch

ANANTAPUR, ANDHRA PRADESH - The first state cross-border shoot in India, deep during the Corona times! Laced with risk and apprehension. Lots of near misses and lots of successes


Filmapia had to arrange a production team from Bangalore to travel to the KIA Motors factory in Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh. The Direction team sat in Delhi and would remotely monitor the shoot.


For this Shoot: Line Production, Remote Production, Choosing the Creative Team

  • This was a tricky shoot from the start because of two reasons
    • Bangalore was in lockdown with the uncertainty of when it would lift. Filmapia had to take an entire team to Andhra Pradesh, the neighbouring state.
    • Too many Covid cases in Bangalore (the origin) and equally badly affected was Anantapur (the destination)
  • Crewing up a creative team was extremely difficult since we had to get accomplished people, who would also be brave enough to travel. Almost 95% of the people we approached turned us down due to the risk factors involved. plus the fear of quarantine and Covid tests
  • Covid tests were done for the entire team before the shoot, only negatives could travel. Unfortunately, we got a positive case and he had be to left out of the team.
  • Insurance was done for the entire crew
  • Managing continuous discussions between the Bangalore and Delhi technical teams, ensuring that the understanding was the same
  • Lining up equipment. The additional arrangement with equipment was a Remote Live Feed which was a new concept for this shoot and for us.
  • Rocky changes in schedules with the shoot being cancelled the previous night. And back on track the next day afternoon. 
  • Arranged logistics to facilitate the shoot
  • The shoot with its challenges was handled with PPE kits
  • After the shoot, the tight timelines to get the raw data footage to Delhi. Bad internet connections and slow couriers. Found innovative ways to make the data reach Delhi.
  • Covid tests done after the shoot. If anyone was found positive, the client would reimburse home hospitalization expenses too. Thankfully everyone tested negative 
  • A simple one-day shoot assumed enormous proportions only because of the Covid situation.
  • Thankfully it ended well.