"Kingfisher GoodTimesAnthem - Delhi" - Music Video

"Kingfisher GoodTimesAnthem - Delhi" - Music Video

DELHI - Filmapia shoots for 3 days in Delhi for the Kingfisher GoodTimesAnthem, Apna City Rap featuring Khatarnaak


For this Shoot: Line Production (Fixing)

Filmapia organized the entire Line Production for 3 days for this shooting at Delhi, which comprised of the following elements

  • A tight recce day with changing plans on the script, people and locations!
  • Giving line production suggestions to the client for the optimum balance between quality and budget
  • Suggesting several public locations in Delhi which would suit the City Anthem
  • Arranging permissions to shoot in each place
  • Camera, Light, Grips, Sound equipment hire from Delhi
  • Props sourcing and creation
  • Production support for 11 junior artists from Delhi
  • Arranging a terrace with the right look and ambience
  • Food arrangements on the shooting site 
  • All transportation for the production team and artists

This was a shoot which was wrought with uncertainty 80% of the time. Filmapia had to juggle with umpteen number of changes that cascaded across the artists to the production to the locations in Delhi. The weather was killing too!

However, a neat video has emerged out of all that sweat and blood!!