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"LG Refrigerator" - TV Commercial

NOIDA - A beautiful, Neo-classic, vintage Filmapia property in Noida for a TVC!

  • "LG Refrigerator" - TV Commercial, Location Manager
  • Client - Garage Productions
  • Noida, February, 2021


For this Shoot: Location Scouting and Management

  1. The Filmmaker client sourced this location directly from our Filmapia database and was sold on this from the beginning.(http://www.filmapia.com/scout/places)
  2. Since this house had not had any shoots before, there was an extra effort of coordination from Filmapia to ensure the Property Owner is assured of his property's safety.
  3. Link to the Property - http://www.filmapia.com/scout/places/House422
  4. Arranged Permissions and Contracts
  5. The shoot went on so well that the Property Owner exclaimed "Mazaa Aa Gaya"!