"Novotel" - Corporate Film

"Novotel" - Corporate Film

HYDERABAD - Filmapia Locations and Line Production in Hyderabad for this Corporate Film on Novotel


For this Shoot: Research, Locations and Line Production (Fixing) 

Filmapia organized the entire Line Production for the 4-day shooting at Hyderabad, which comprised of the following elements

  • Recce visits to Hyderabad according to the script, interacting with the neighbourhood people, private and public locations.
  • Police permissions and local Hyderabad permissions
  • All shooting equipment on all the days
  • Props sourcing and creation, including sourcing a pianist model, designing a gown for her from costume stylists in Hyderabad and sourcing a grand piano.
  • Production support for the featured artists from Hyderabad
  • Organizing all transport from the Hyderabad airport and back to Hyderabad airport
  • Food arrangements on the shooting site 
  • Sourcing local artists and drone operator from Bangalore. Logistics for each.
  • Production support across various locations in Hyderabad, including heritage and city locations of interest.

As Abraham Lincoln said, 'Give me 6 hours to cut a tree and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe' - that's how we do #LineProduction!

Weeks of planning and alignment with Mumbai and Hyderabad teams via several spreadsheets, multiple phone calls, hundreds of Whatsapp messages, creating a network, using existing networks...all of this to make the shoot go favourably. 

And so on the ground, the teams worked fantastically together towards a satisfactory shoot and managed to tide over every single last-minute surprise.