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Peebuddy - "Urine Control to You're in Control" - Advertisement

GURGAON - One of those much needed 'needs' for women! It was a nightmare trying to organise a washroom for this Ad. But find we did. :)

Cellar Door won the GOLD at #Abbys2018 for this Advertisement in the Gender-sensitive Category!


Filmapia and Cellar Door Productions was having a spate of unfortunate incidents for this Peebuddy Ad. For lack of a location, the production company had to postpone the Ad once. We looked for locations even as far as Faridabad, but none suited. The final straw was when a reputed Club in Gurgaon, who had agreed to host this shooting in its washroom, backed out before a few hours of the shoot, without giving a reason! The shooting had to be cancelled in the last minute again!

Finally we found this gem of a location in a mall in Gurgaon, with very cooperative and professional location owners. And this was the final product. Kudos Cellar Door!