'Samsung and Flipkart Collaboration' - Corporate Video

'Samsung and Flipkart Collaboration' - Corporate Video

BANGALORE - Line Production for a Collaboration between Samsung and Flipkart CEOs for the new Samsung Galaxy AI feature.

  • Client - Vikas Maurya Production House, Delhi
  • May - June 2024
  • Location - Bangalore
  • Video1  - Watch the FINAL VIDEO

For this Shoot:

What do you do when have to film the President & CEO of Samsung - JB Park and the CEO of Flipkart, Kalyan Krishnamurthy to make a full-length Ad - but they will give you ONLY 30 MINUTES each? And you get the brief only 48 hours earlier?

Here's some Egde-of-the-seat Line Production by Filmapia!

  • - You enter the fortresses of Samsung and Flipkart's quadruple security like entering Takeshi's castle
  • - Every vendor is pushed against the wall to first clear some unreal corporate access protocols for the film industry
  • - Materialize a Hindi-Korean translator from somewhere
  • - Hunt for body doubles of JB Park and Krishnamurthy!
  • - Let's not forget the hand doubles!
  • - Then the creative team takes over