SHELL - "Trucker" - TV Advertisement

SHELL - "Trucker" - TV Advertisement

BANGALORE, ALLEPPEY - Filmapia's Line Production for this multicity Ad featuring a Woman Trucker for the Series #MoveWithShell

  • "Shell" TV Commercial - Line Producer and Location Manager 
  • Client - Tafreeh Studios
  • Bangalore, Alleppey - December 2020
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For this Shoot: Line Production, Location Scouting and Management

  • 20 days of planning and 10 days of execution
  • Identifying this type of truck and booking it for 10 days. Ensuring seamless movement between Kerala and Bangalore, in Art and Logistics.
  • Changing Art teams at midnight prior to the shoot. New Art during the freezing December night and the phenomenal challenges that went with it.
  • Dropping planned locations and improvising new locations with immediate recces. Permissions, collaboration all on the fly
  • Hiring a Himalayan bike, cars and jeeps - transforming their look
  • Covid protocols, Shell protocols, Airport protocols, Road protocols for trucks, Police protocols
  • Heavy-duty equipment and logistics in both the cities for a massive crew from Mumbai, Bangalore and Kerala.

FUN FACT - We filmed a Sunrise shot with the truck. When we returned for a Sunset shot a few hours later, the road had disappeared. It was all dug up by the municipality. Took the entire film team by shock. Then more improvisation!