"SOLD" - Kannada Feature Film in Rajasthan

"SOLD" - Kannada Feature Film in Rajasthan

JODHPUR, RAJASTHAN - Filmapia organised a shoot amidst the sand dunes for a Kannada feature film under some challenging circumstances

  • "SOLD" - Kannada Feature Film, Line Production in Rajasthan
  • Client - Horn OK Films
  • Jodhpur, July 2018

For this Shoot: Research, Locations and Line Production (Fixing)

Filmapia organised the entire Line Production for this shooting at Jodhpur which comprised of the following elements

  • Recce visits across Jodhpur and Jaisalmer to get the right type of desert
  • Permissions from the local authorities in Jodhpur and in Jaipur for the desert filming. 
  • Police permissions, Panchayat permissions
  • Light, Grips, Sound equipment hire from Delhi
  • Luxury Cars hire from Delhi
  • Licenced Guns and Weapons hire from Mumbai
  • Vanity Vans and Props from Jaipur, Udaipur
  • Casting of Foreigners
  • Transport, Accommodation, Food for the crew from Bangalore
  • Permissions to shoot in the sand dunes in the night. This was a complete first!
  • Crowd management of the villagers in the nights

This was a massive operation, especially since the entire shooting for 2 days was at night. Despite the preparedness, several surprises lay in store. Thankfully nothing that our Line Producer (Fixer) and his team couldnt manage!