"The Amazon Great Indian Festival" - Digital Video Series

"The Amazon Great Indian Festival" - Digital Video Series

BANGALORE - Line Production in Bangalore for a multi-city video series of successful entrepreneurs who are part of Amazon Saheli, Amazon Karigar and Amazon Launchpad


For this Shoot: Line Production (Fixing) and Remote Monitoring

Filmapia organized the very last minute Line Production for this 1-day shoot in Bangalore

  • The challenge in this shoot was its very uncertainty and the last minute plan
  • Equipment rental especially the Alexa Mini turned out to be a huge problem. Finally settled with an Alexa SXT
  • Considering this was a remote production, the teams in Mumbai and Delhi which were to monitor were also quite busy in their respective shoots. So a lot of improvisation had to be done by the Bangalore team.
  • Data DIT and hard disk transfer was quite a hustle since we ran into the weekend and the Mumbai team had deadlines.


But we managed to cut through all these small challenges. Quite a simplistic shoot and glad that it was complete without any rough edges.