"The New KIA Seltos" - Corporate Film for Car Launch

"The New KIA Seltos" - Corporate Film for Car Launch

ANANTAPUR, ANDHRA PRADESH - Another state cross-border shoot in India, deep during the deadly second Corona wave! Laced with risk and apprehension. Lots of near misses and lots of successes

  • "The New KIA Seltos" Corporate Video for Car Launch - Line Producer
  • Client - Hued Films, Delhi
  • Location of Shoot - KIA Motors Factory, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh 
  • Date - 18-20 April 2020
  • Kia Seltos World Premiere Video Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykweJOaxrBI


For this Shoot: Line Production, Remote Production, Choosing the Creative Team

KIA Motors beckoned us again this year, this time for the launch of their New Seltos car. Just like last year, the timing was dreadfully wrong!! ... right in the middle of the Covid wave.

The complexities this time:

  • - Assembling a crew that would agree for this risky inter-state shoot to Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, was quite a task in itself.
  • - RT PCR tests for the crew saw extremely overcrowded labs which couldn't deliver reports on time.
  • - After much pulling and 'pushing', the reports came in the last minute and a few in the crew shockingly turned out positive!
  • - Emergency last-minute replacements and arranging tests again, pushing an already saturated system.
  • - Extension of the shoot right in the middle of the shoot and the complications that went with it.
  • - Night curfew with lockdown in Bangalore was the last thing we needed. But when things go wrong, they do go wrong.

Kudos to Sandeep A S Savanth our man on the ground, who worked relentlessly on this one and brought it to completion.