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"Token No. 7 - Melina" - Tamil Pilot Film at Chennai

CHENNAI - Here's a talented bunch of Chennaiites shooting at a Filmapia location in Chennai...for their Pilot Film "Token No. 7 Melina"

Filmapia is pleased to have given locations for this brilliant pilot film from Chennai.
Watch 'Token No. 7 Melina' as it explores a sensitive subject. Kudos to the Director Khishore R Kumar


For this Shoot: Location Scouting and Management

  1. Filmapia sourced this clinic from its extensive network of properties and people in Chennai, who liaised with doctors and talked about the concept of the movie to them. 
  2. Link to the Property which was a clinic
  3. Arranged Permissions and Contracts
  4. Location Management and Props Sourcing at the last minute!
  5. Smooth Liaisoning between the location owner and the film crew