"Twitter" - TV Show

"Twitter" - TV Show

CHENNAI, BANGALORE, LUCKNOW - Filmapia's Tri-city Line Production for Twitter. 3 Cities in 3 Days with 2 days of pre-production time!

  • Production Agency - Supari Studios
  • March 2019
  • Location - Chennai, Bangalore, Lucknow
  • TV Version and Behind the Scenes 
  • Video - 

For this Shoot: Line Production (Fixing)

Filmapia organized the entire Line Production for this shooting at 3 Cities of Chennai, Bangalore, Lucknow - one city per day!

  • Camera, Light, Grips, Sound equipment hire from Chennai, Bangalore and Lucknow
  • Accommodation for the crew in all cities
  • Transportation for the crew in all cities. 
  • Food arrangements on the shooting site 
  • Production support across the 3 ciites.

Specific Challenges:

  • Handling Film Unions in Chennai and their rules. 
  • Extreme difficulty in arranging equipment at short notice. Straight hustling in all the 3 cities
  • Lack of suitable equipment and qualified crew in Lucknow

This was an adrenaline-filled shoot, not pleasant around the Lucknow curve, but overall successful. Chennai and Bangalore gave more than enough meat for the clients to chew, but Lucknow disappointed. 


Day 1 in Chennai at the Asian College of Journalism



Day 2 in Bangalore at RMZ Infinity



Day 3 in Lucknow at the Indian Institute of Management