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"Uber Auto" - Photoshoot

BANGALORE - After reams and reams of paperwork, we got Uber Auto Photoshoot done at this sleek, sophisticated IT Tech Park in Bangalore

  • Uber Auto Photoshoot - Location Manager
  • Production Agency - Fatfree Productions 
  • February 2019
  • Location - Bangalore
  • Published Link - 

For this Shoot: Location Scouting and Management

  1. Filmapia sourced this IT Tech Park by scouting for several tech parks in Bangalore, shortlisting on 3, and finalising on one. 
  2. Link to the Property - http://www.filmapia.com/scout/places/OfficeComplex2
  3. Arranged Permissions and Contracts
  4. Location Management including On-the-Ground Support
  5. Smooth Liaisoning between the location owner and the film crew