'Uber' Photoshoot

'Uber' Photoshoot

BANGALORE - A Photoshoot for #Uber at 17 locations in Bangalore across a week. Long entourage of Uber Cabs, Autos, Bikes, Models, Props....all in search of the perfect frame!!

  • Client - Tafreeh Studios - Line Production and Locations
  • October 2021
  • Location - Bangalore

For this Shoot: Research, Locations and Line Production (Fixing)

Filmapia organized the entire Locations and Line Production for this shooting at 17 locations across one week in Bangalore.

  • A 3-day recce across spanning several locations in Bangalore to get the right suitable spots. 
  • Getting the permissions, paperwork and protocols for the several locations - from institutions, government bodies, police stations, traffic police stations, private property owners, restaurants, cafes, malls etc. Quite a massive exercise spanning three weeks!
  • Assembling the right crew, casting and equipment for such a tricky production at such short notice
  • Arranging travel, accommodation for the teams from Mumbai 
  • Hiring the right type of cabs, bikes and autos of a certain look, brand and model. Coordinating these vehicles for the shoot in terms of availability and looks.
  • Arranging the multiple props for the several shoots and locations
  • Planning route maps, alternate routes, contingency plans for this caravan shoot
  • Running the set for the 4 days of shoot with multiple coordination of vehicles, hotels, food, travel