'Zomato to Sunil Chhetri' - A Tribute

'Zomato to Sunil Chhetri' - A Tribute

BANGALORE - A fitting Filmapia location for Zomato's tribute to our own world-class footballer, Sunil Chettri

  • Client - SocioClout, Gurgaon
  • June 2024
  • Location - Bangalore
  • Video1  - Watch the FINAL VIDEO


The Producer calls on us in a tearing hurry three days before the shoot. Wants a location for Sunil Chhetri. A glass balcony that juts out of the house and looks into a green lawn below. Now, that's easy! But all our options were rejected!

One small detail - it had to be close to Sunil's house. That's a tough one. All we could zoom in on was this house closed for renovation.

Somehow the owner agreed and here's the beautiful tribute by #Zomato to our very own world-class footballer, #sunilchhetri